patchclamp:  making patching easier

Source code and binaries

Please use the SourceForge to download the program and other files.

Third-party software and hardware

NeuroDebian  provides a turnkey software platform for neuroscience that is created by integrating research tools with the Debian operating system.

AxoPatch 200B is my amplifier of choice for low-noise single-channel recordings.

About me

My name is Vadim Alexeenko.

I graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, Vilnius University in 1992, and got my Kandidat Nauk (Ph.D) degree in the Institute of Cytology, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2003

I have been patching and developing patch-clamp related software for more than 15 years.

Please contact me by e-mail: v dot a dot alexeenko gmail com

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